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“Because I’m ‘me’ to me,” I said … and the light bulb went on.

A few weeks ago, I led a workshop on How to Use Zoom (via Zoom) with a Los Angeles synagogue. The Rabbi was the moderator and there were 17 older adults.

We started with Gallery/Speaker View, then to Mute/Unmute, but when we got to Chat, there was some confusion. The Rabbi called on a gentleman who was raising his hand and unmuted him.

“Why does it say everyone else’s name but mine just says ‘me’?”, he asked.

“Good question,” I answered. “When you send a Chat, everyone else sees your name as ‘Bill,’ but you see your name as ‘me’.” Silence.

“So,” I continued, “When I send a Chat, you see my name as ‘Nancy Spear’ but I see it as ‘me’ because I sent it.” Bigger pause.

“Because I’m ‘me’ to me,” I said, tapping my chest a few times to make the point. I watched his face … and the light bulb went on.

Then we moved on to Share Screen, Record, and one of my favorites, Reactions. They liked it, too. Suddenly the screen was full of thumbs-ups and applauds. I was feeling the love.

We’re all adapting to new technology. Technology has always been hard for older adults and now it’s even harder. I have been asked Bill’s Chat question before.

As soon as the hour-long meeting was over, the Rabbi texted her husband, who I know. He sent me a screenshot of her text. It said, "Nancy Spear is a saint with the patience of an angel." I don’t know if I’m an angel, but I do know how to explain Chat.

Are you interested in a Zoom class? Grab 10 of your best friends and give me a call. 👍👏🏾

Nancy Spear

Nancy's Tech Help for Older Adults

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