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  • Nancy Spear

“You have 28 messages,” I said.

It’s not just about tech, let me tell you why. I was working with a woman who just wanted some ‘tips,’ she said on the phone. We sat in her living room, and she learned how to block a call, get rid of Recents and Texts, and how to use her timer. She was doing great and loving my hand-written instruction sheets. Nearing the end of the lesson, she said, “I think that is all I need.”

I pointed to the red bubble on her voicemail icon. “You have 28 messages,” I said. I showed her the blue dot and told her it meant she hadn’t listened to them yet. She started to delete them. Then said, ‘There are just too many!”

I put my hand on her arm and asked her when her garbage day was. She said, “Wednesday.” I said, “Okay, after you take out the garbage every week, delete your voice messages. Make it a habit.” She liked that. She said, “Write that one down.” It’s not just tech.

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