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A Week In The Life Of A Tech Tutor

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Monday – Mona wanted to learn about her Lively Jitterbug phone. Before I left, she had mastered how to enter a contact and listen to a voicemail. And even better, how take a selfie and send it to her daughter!

Tuesday – Trudy worried that her package didn’t arrive. I showed her how to get on the USPS website and enter the tracking number. Yes! Her package was received!

Wednesday – I taught Wendy how to organize her emails into folders. For example: emails from the grandkids are in their own folder, so are her Kitchen Remodel emails and her Recipe emails.

Thursday – It was all about Zoom for Thurston. He asked me why his friends couldn’t see him on Zoom. We started up a Zoom and I saw it was because his chair was too low. I adjusted the chair and showed him how to angle his screen down. He also learned the difference between Gallery View and Speaker View and how to use chat the function.

Friday – Frida learned the difference between Junk and Trash. And how to avoid email scams (How? Click on the email address to see who it’s really from and look for grammatical errors).

P.S. Though those aren’t their real names, they did learn all those things.

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