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  • Nancy Spear


Every now and then I get a surprise. A few weeks ago, a client asked me to come over and wait for the Spectrum guy with her. She said she wouldn’t know how to answer his questions. I went over and sat with her. I couldn’t help her with her computer because the Internet was down, so we chatted and told stories.

At the 1-hour mark, we did some word searches together. At the 2-hour mark, she came up the stairs with a fruit salad for me (it was delicious). And then finally I said, “Is there anything here I can help you with?” She went into her closet and brought out a label maker. That was a surprise! For 45 minutes, I showed her how to type the label, print the label, cut the label, and put the labels on her folder. Never saw that one coming!

There are all sorts of tech gadgets and situations that I help my clients with. From computers to iPhones, to talking to the cable guy and learning how to use a label maker. My job is always fun and sometimes surprising!

P.S. The Spectrum guy arrived at the 3-hour mark. Did a great job. The squirrels were eating the cables on her roof. Darn, squirrels

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