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  • Nancy Spear

Amazon Scam!

I've had two clients in the past week call me, frazzled and alarmed, with questions about Amazon. They both could have been scammed.

The first woman said the ‘Amazon rep’ on the phone wanted her to click around in her account settings because there was a fraudulent payment, it would only take a few minutes and they would walk her through it. Fortunately, she hung up and called me. I told her to call her bank and change her Amazon password. The second woman said she got a call, her delivery was on its way, and she owed $400! I logged into her screen and showed her she didn't have any Amazon orders; it was a scam.

AMAZON WILL NEVER CALL YOU! Please tell your aunts, uncles, parents, older adult friends to hang up the phone. Even better, if they don't recognize the number, it's okay not to answer. If someone really wants to talk with them, they'll leave a voicemail. Then they can decide if they want to call them back.

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