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  • Nancy Spear

“Oh, I think you’ve told me that before.”

There are many shortcuts when using a tech device.

I have a client who takes the ‘longcuts.'

She opens a new tab for every email. Instead of going to the In Box, she clicks on her Gmail bookmark, which opens a new tab. Other times she clicks the red button in the top left corner, which closes the window, and then starts all over again.

I’ve told her several times about quicker options but she’s already concentrating on the next step. After a few times reminding her, I stop. She is not in a hurry and neither am I.

In the meantime, she has learned the difference between Reply and Reply All, how to cc someone, and how to expand the screen. Those were huge leaps for her. If she wants to take her time getting to the next email, that’s fine with me.

I’m patient; I let her click as much as she wants. Eventually she’ll hear what I’m saying and she’ll most likely laugh, saying, “Oh, I think you’ve told me that before.” I’ll smile and then she'll learn how to just go back to the In Box.

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