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The Millennial Behind the Desk

We were in New York a few months ago and I was looking forward to my second visit to the Tenement Museum. I purchased our tickets on my iPad and then went down to the front desk have them printed. The millennial behind the desk asked me to email them to her, which I did. When she got them out of the printer, she said, “It didn’t work.” I saw that only a section of the tickets printed and the left margin was full of ads. I immediately knew what the issue was. Looking at them, I said, “It seems like you clicked on the FILE tab in the top left of your screen and then on PRINT.” She nodded. Without looking at her screen, I said, “Take a look in the top right corner of just the email window. You’ll see a little printer icon. Click on that and it will print just the tickets.” She did what I told her, the tickets printed perfectly, and then she looked at me with a face that might have said, “Did a graying middle-age woman just tell me how to print?” Well, yes, I did (and I was very proud of myself). And, if you never been to the Tenement Museum, go. It’s beautiful, it’s educational, and it’s bursting with history.

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