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  • Nancy Spear

" sweet is a P.S.?"

There are some endearing letter-writing customs that haven’t carried over to emails and texts. It’s too bad.

One of my clients consistently types an email and then remembers something she didn’t include -- so she types a P.S. I haven’t yet told her she could insert it into the body copy -- I don’t want to give her too much to learn at once. But, how sweet is a P.S.? It means you’re getting an email from someone who has so much to tell you.

When another client texts her grandkids, she signs off with “Love, Grandma.” I once told her that she doesn’t have to type “Grandma;” since she’s in their contacts her name will show up. But I don’t correct her anymore. It’s sweet. And who doesn’t want to see “Love, Grandma” pop up their screen?

This Valentine’s Day, when you’re texting, go ahead and text some love – there’s always room for a little extra.

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