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Did you hear the one about the elephant in the hotel lobby?

I’ve been working with Barbara weekly for over a year. She has mastered emailing, Facebook, online shopping, and purchasing movie tickets online. We even found her childhood home on Google Maps and her husband’s census records. What else can we do?, I thought. That’s when I started asking questions.

Me: What was your favorite vacation?

Barbara: Africa.

Me: What did you love about Africa?

Barbara: The elephants.

I showed her how to use Google. I asked her to type in two key words: Africa and elephants. After 10 minutes of viewing beautiful images, she was reminded of something, “Someone told me there was a hotel built in the elephants’ migration path. They built the hotel tall enough so the elephants could walk through.” I showed how to enter just some key words and up popped a video. Click on the link below; it's amazing.

And, yes, you can find anything on the Internet. You just need someone to show you how.

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