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  • Nancy Spear

“…it gives my brain a little workout, which research says staves off memory loss…”

Most of my clients hire me to learn basic functions on their phones and computers. My most common requests are learning how to text, organize photos, and use Facebook but I’ve also helped with ordering an Uber, online shopping, and online dating (it’s true!).

There is, however, another part of my business that is growing. I have several clients with early-stage dementia. We do a variety of activities but I always include Brain Yoga.

Brain Yoga is an app that contains 11 games to stimulate the mind. What makes it different from other online games? There is no timer, no pop-up ads, no flashing scores. It’s calming.

One of my clients is a former English teacher and she likes the Word game. It starts with four lettered tiles. You move them around until they form a word. A few weeks ago, she graduated to level two. Another client likes the Memory game; her caregiver said that after I showed her how to navigate it, she plays on her own.

I have to admit, I play now and then. I use the excuse that it’s research for my business but it’s actually fun. Plus it gives my brain a little workout, which research says staves off memory loss, and we can all use that.

Download it from the app store to your phone or your tablet and start playing; everyone can use some Brain Yoga. I do have to tell you it’s addictive. Like my client, I love the Word game. I’m up to level nine.

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