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  • Nancy Spear

“Conquer the fear with baby steps.”

New Year’s resolutions are tricky. If we bite off more than we can chew, we’re almost bound to fail.

This couldn’t be more true for an older adult learning to use a new tech device. It can be overwhelming. It’s difficult not knowing how something works or being afraid of pushing the wrong button.

Instead of starting with Facetime or how to order an Uber, why not start with something easy and fun? How about watching a fun video on Youtube?

I have a client who loves the old Carol Burnett show. With my help, she found a video with Tim Conway as the dentist and Harvey Korman as the patient. Moments later she was crying with laughter.

Once she realized she could use her computer without the fear of breaking it, it was more approachable. Conquer the fear with baby steps.

If you’re learning how to use a new device, be kind to yourself. Breathe. Do one thing at a time. If you’re teaching a loved one how navigate a new tech product, teach one thing at a time. Breathe. And remember the time you spend teaching is as important as the time together.

And if you’re interested in seeing Tim Conway stick himself with a syringe of Novocaine, knock yourself out. Click here.

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