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  • Nancy Spear

Her excitement was contagious. “Can I search for restaurants? How do I video? Text? Do I have enoug

A new client called excited about her new Galaxy S5. She gave me a long list of what she wanted to learn: phone functions, texting, photos, email, calendaring, and more.

Arriving at her home, I was again met with a whirlwind of requests: “Can I search for restaurants just by speaking? How do I video? Texting? Do I have enough bars? What’s this?”

I let her go on for a minute or two. Her excitement was contagious. Then I put my hand on her arm and said, “Let’s do one thing at a time.”

She learned quickly. As I showed her how to add a contact from a text, she finished my sentence, intuitively knowing her next move. As we added an event to her calendar, she tapped the clock several times without my guidance to adjust the start time. Everything was going well.

Then she wanted to take a selfie. I showed her how to tap the icon for a front-facing camera. She held it up and asked why she could only see part of her face. What was that in the way? I reached up and touched the skin between her thumb and her index finger, “Um, your hand.” We both laughed and I realized I was having fun.

We finished our hour by using a photo of her niece for her wallpaper. And then I got a hug before walking out the door.

How lucky am I to love my work?

Nancy Spear

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