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  • Nancy Spear

“When the first reply popped up from his granddaughter, his face lit up.”

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My clients range in age from 49 to 87. They all have different obstacles. Some are anxious or fearful. Others have diagnoses that can impede their learning.

One of my clients has early stage dementia. We’ve been working together for three months, twice a week. We started out replying to his emails on his iPad. Sometimes we’d go to his favorite news sites. Initially I didn’t know what he would recall from one week to the next.

Three weeks ago, we started texting. He texted former colleagues, then a few of his children. Last week, we texted his grandkids. When the first reply popped up from his granddaughter, his face lit up.

Now, when I arrive at his house, he’s ready to text. As soon as we get started, I see that it comes to him more quickly than just a few days before. And I’m so glad to see when there are new texts from the grandkids (he especially likes the ones with happy face or heart emojis). When he taps on one and it opens up, it almost seems like he’s recharged. If he were up and walking, I would say there was a new spring in his step. It makes him happy.

If you have an older family member who would enjoy a new way to stay in touch with the offspring, give me a call. That’s what I do. No matter the obstacle.

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