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  • Nancy Spear

I could hear the panic in her voice. “What’s a doc?”

My business cards read: Nancy’s Tech Help for Older Adults. I do have clients in their 70s and 80s, but let me tell you about one of my younger clients.

She’s 49, like me. She was going back to work and needed some help with basic office skills: Excel, Word, and e-mail.

After several sessions, she called me and I could hear the panic in her voice. She said, “My son is telling me to put the documents in a file? Or a folder? What’s a doc? Folder…..?”

I went over to her house and brought a resume, a manila folder, and a green hanging file folder. We sat down at her laptop and, as I showed her what I brought, I pointed to the corresponding icons on her screen.

“This is a document,” I said and I held up the resume. “We’re going to put it in a folder (I put the resume in the manila folder). We’re going to put the folder in the file (I put the manila folder in the green hanging file). She looked back and forth at the tangible objects and then at her screen. Suddenly the light bulb went on. She said, “Of course! That makes perfect sense.”

She just needed to see the actual items to understand what they were in the cyber world.

We worked together for several weeks and then she was offered a job. Success!

I'm patient, I'm understanding, and I'm never in a rush. If you know someone who needs a little extra TLC with her phone, tablet, or laptop, call me. That’s what I do.


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