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Isolation leads to depression, so I FaceTimed my mom

The Coronavirus has turned our lives upside down. We are staying home – most of us with more time on our hands than we’ve had in a very long time. What’s so heartbreaking for me is that I can’t see the older adults in my life. Some of them are living alone -- and isolation can lead to depression.

With that in mind, my daughter and I FaceTimed my mother the other day. She was so happy to hear from us. We chatted a bit and then something prompted me to sing a song from my childhood that she used to sing to me, “My boyfriend’s name is Tony, he comes from the land of baloney…”

My daughter then bursted out with, “Oh, I ran around the corner and I ran around the block and I ran right into a bagel shop…” And from the backyard came my husband with, “This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine…”

My mom was so thrilled that she asked my daughter to teach her the lyrics to the bagel song. I call her several times a week but am usually in a hurry. Now we have time.

So, FaceTime your older relatives! After you ask if they need groceries, do what I did and sing with them! It’s also a great time to listen to their stories. Ask them who their favorite teacher was. Who was their best friend and why? If you have younger kids, play 20 Questions.

It’s time to slow down and appreciate the relationships in our lives. We don’t have to be in a hurry – we have the time.

P.S. The photo here is just me and my daughter. When this whole pandemic is over, I’ll teach my mom how to screenshot.

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