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“Excuse me, are you bragging?”

Many of my clients have standing weekly appointments. For some, even though they have learned how to email, it’s not their priority. One, in particular, only writes emails when I’m there and doesn’t check for replies until the following week. Let’s call her Eleanor.

A few weeks ago, I arrived at Eleanor’s house, sat down next to her, and saw there was a reply from an email I hadn’t seen.

I asked, “Did you send your daughter an email when I wasn’t here?”

She straightened up, gave me a big smile, and said “Oh, yes, I did. I typed in the subject line, I wrote the message, and I clicked Send.”

It took me a moment to realize what happened. “Excuse me,” I said, “Are you bragging?”

“I believe I am,” she answered.

So, I have introduced a new part of our lessons. Halfway through the hour, it’s Bragging Time. She can bask in the glory of her tech achievements. One day soon, I hope to show up and she will tell me how many books she ordered on Amazon.

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