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Who was at the other end of the call?

I got a call from a man who wanted his father to learn FaceTime. I asked him to send me a few mobile numbers so we could contact his family and asked him to please let them know when we’d be calling (it’s so much better when there is someone to answer your call). He gave me a few numbers but didn’t indicate who they belonged to.

I got to his dad’s house and he was a little confused. Maybe his son didn’t tell him I was coming or he forgot. Then it took me some time to explain Facetime – “It’s an audio call PLUS you can see who you are talking to.” “No, it’s not on TV, it’s on your iPad.” “I promise, once you we reach someone, it will all make sense.”

We sat down and I entered the first number. I didn’t know who would be answering. A friend? A grandchild?

We stared at the screen as it rang.

Suddenly the image came up. A woman said, “Hi, Papa!” There was his daughter, who I later learned lives out of state, in a rocking chair giving her newborn baby a bottle. The man clapped his hands one time and then wiped his eyes; he hadn’t seen his new grandson yet. I stepped away to give them some privacy (and to wipe my eyes, too).

When moments like this happen, I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world. I help people connect in ways they haven’t dreamed of. Lucky me.

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