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I closed my eyes and took a deep breath

Learning something new can be scary. Some get anxious. Some just avoid it completely.

But my 80-year-old client was determined to master emailing. She was doing great replying to emails but hadn’t yet initiated a new one. She was anxious -- we put it off for a few weeks.

The day came and she had to tackle sending a new email. She was unsure how to start and a bit apprehensive. I asked, “What do we do when we’re anxious?” She stared at me. I modeled my answer by closing my eyes and taking a big, deep breath. I then said, “We compose ourselves.” When I said ‘compose,’ I pointed to the big, red COMPOSE button in her Gmail window.

“That’s what you do when you start a brand-new email. You Compose!,” I said. It took her a moment and then she smiled, clicked the button, and was on her way.

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