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She never got a gold star or a blue ribbon

My 90-year-old client has been working so hard. We’ve been concentrating on emailing for months: start typing the recipient’s name and watch it auto-populate, decide on a subject line, and how to start a new paragraph.

At the end of one our lessons, I said, “You did great. You deserve a gold star!” She hung her head just a little and told me that never got a gold star, a blue ribbon, or any kind of award.

I thought about what she said and decided to make her a certificate. I thought it was silly but everyone needs acknowledgement. As I was leaving for our appointment the following week, I showed it to my sweet husband. He said I should get it framed. I thought, no, then she’d think she’d have to put it on the wall and off I went.

We started our lesson. When she left the room for a moment, I put the certificate on her keyboard. She came back, looked at it, smiled, held it to her chest, and said, “Oh, I‘m going to frame it!” She has since showed it to all of her visitors. Everyone needs to be acknowledged for a job well done. And speaking of acknowledgement, I’ll now frame this for my husband.

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