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"...changing the culture of my life."

A client caught me off-guard last week when she told me, "You're not just teaching me how to use my computer, you're changing the culture of my life."

How did this happen? I’ve been working with her for months because she wants to learn everything she can. She had just finished confirming a doctor’s appointment online when she told me how frustrated she was that her doctor didn’t explain her glaucoma diagnosis.

I showed her how to Google glaucoma and told her she can’t trust everything on the Internet, to make sure to look at the source. We found, which covers Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Alzheimer’s Disease. She was amazed. She didn’t know she could find so much information online. And she was thrilled that the website had buttons to change the contrast of the page and increase the text size. Kudos to for using some simple coding to further enhance their services, by the way.

She scrolled up and down finding articles on research and breakthroughs. Several times, she leaned back in her chair marveling at the amount of information and exclaiming that she had no idea it was possible to find this from her home.

That’s when she told me I was changing the culture of her life. And that’s when I had to sit back, smile that I am so lucky to be able to do what I do, and marvel at her.

Nancy Spear

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