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  • Nancy Spear

“I listened and heard a shaky voice…”

I always want to be available to my clients but two weeks ago, I turned my phone off to enjoy my daughter’s high school graduation. After the ceremony, I saw that a client had left a voicemail. I listened and heard a very shaky voice describe that her email window was too far to the right and she couldn’t scroll down.

I immediately called her back, thinking that after two hours she would be beside herself. But, instead, she answered calm and happy, “I did what you always tell me. I got up from the computer, took a deep breath, and went for a walk. When I got back, I figured it out!”

Is an older adult in your life struggling with her smart phone, tablet, or computer? I patiently teach one function at a time, one-on-one, in my clients’ homes. Call me; I’m happy to help.

Nancy Spear

Nancy's Tech Help for Older Adults


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