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There was almost a curse word!

One of my clients, in her late ‘80s, has been learning to send emails. But if they were more than a few lines, she’d write them on paper first. Twice I told her she could type everything into the email and we could move things around (I didn’t use the terms copy and paste) but she was set on handwriting them first and I didn’t push. I knew she had to do it in her own time.

Last week, she typed a 3-paragraph email right in the body copy – no pencil and paper in sight! It took almost 45 minutes and when she was done we were both exhausted -– lots of correcting typos, learning spell check, and almost a curse word -- but it was a huge accomplishment!

I wanted to give her a gold star or a blue ribbon but settled on a big smile and a hug. She had come a very long way.

Nancy Spear

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