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I sat on my hands and pursed my lips…

Everyone learns differently. Some like their hands held, others are more independent. The latter is the case with Barbara. She likes me to show her a computer function once and then give her as much time as necessary to do it by herself.

The other day, we were working on a Word document. I had shown her how to copy, paste, underline, and highlight. I also told her how important it is to click File and Save several times before she finishes.

She got to the end of her document and paused. And paused longer. And then a little longer. I knew she was trying to recall how to Save. I sat on my hands and pursed my lips so that I wouldn’t remind her how to do it. I either made a small movement toward her or a tiny sound -- she pointed a finger at me and sternly said, “Hold on” while still looking at her screen.

Moments later she said, “File, Save” as she clicked the corresponding menu options. I uncontrollably burst out with, “Yay! I’m so proud of you!” She replied, “I love it when you say that.”

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