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  • Nancy Spear

"I couldn't believe it was me who did that!"

The biggest compliment I can receive is when a client doesn't need me any more.

I've been working with Sandy on basic office skills off and on for two years. In addition to Word and Excel, we’ve worked on relaxing and breathing. Like many Baby Boomers, Sandy gets anxious when using technology.

Last night I received an email from her: "I started freaking out because I thought I deleted a spreadsheet. I was almost in panic mode. I Googled how to retrieve an Excel document. Guess what? I followed the instructions and I got the sheet back! I looked around the room and couldn't believe it was me who did that!"

I pictured her sitting at her dining room table, taking deep breaths, wanting to call me but taking a chance and figuring it out on her own. I smiled, so pleased that she had the newfound confidence to navigate the technology on her own. She learned to trust herself.

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