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“See that dude over there? He’s totally awesome.”

A few weeks ago, I went to a big-box store to purchase an external hard drive for a client. I knew they had classes for older adults, so I thought, while I was there, I’d size up my competition.

After I told an employee what I was looking for, I was taken directly to the hard drive I needed. He swiped my credit card and told me he’d email me the receipt. I was impressed with the excellent customer service. I could have been in and out of there in 10 minutes.

Then I asked him who teaches the classes for older adults. He pointed to an employee who was sitting with an older silver-haired woman. He said, “See that dude over there? He’s totally awesome.”

The woman was sitting under fluorescent lights, on a wooden stool, surrounded by busy people and loud music. And she was looking at a computer that was not her own.

If this scenario works for you, I’m happy.

But what would be different if this woman had hired me?

  1. Instead of a hard wooden stool, she’d be sitting in her favorite chair, in her own home.

  2. Sitting next to her would be me. Possibly her cat. Maybe a nice cup of tea. No others milling around.

  3. No bright lights, no loud music.

  4. We would be working on her own computer. (Huge difference when you are learning on your own screen.)

  5. And I promise she’d never hear “totally,” “awesome,” or “dude.” Unless, of course, she learned how to video chat with her grandchild and those words were coming through her phone, her tablet, or her computer.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with these big stores. But if someone you love would like a more comfortable learning environment and a personal connection, call me. I’m here to help.


Nancy's Tech Help for Older Adults


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