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  • Nancy Spear

She put her hand on mine and said, “I like when you’re here.”

Some clients only hire me for a few sessions. Once they learn to format a Word document or send a photo from their phone, they thank me and I go on my way. But there are some who I see for months, once or twice a week regularly.

When we first meet, they welcome me into their homes and we’re both a little cautious. We get to know each other slowly. They learn that I arrive on time and that I’m patient and personable. Soon after, I believe they look forward to our weekly appointments. But a new step in the relationship surprised me this week.

I was sitting with one of my older clients in front of her laptop. We were looking at her favorite news site and I showed her how to recognize and click a hyperlink. She watched her screen as a new page appeared. Then she turned to me, put her hand on top of mine, and said, “I like when you’re here.”

I was happy to hear her words but what surprised me more was my reaction to her touch. It reminded me of my grandmother. It was a feeling I remembered but hadn’t thought of in years. Her skin was thin, cool and soft. It was a gesture of an older generation, the palm of her hand on the back of mine.

I thought about it on my way home. It’s not like a brief hug when I meet someone for coffee. It’s not a handshake at a business meeting. Something about it is personal, intimate and so sweet.

So, yes, some clients hire me to teach them how to use Excel, scan photos, or bookmark favorite sites; we’re done in a few weeks and that’s fine. But, some, like this woman, see me every week for months. And what both of us didn’t realize is that what comes along with the tech instruction is a personal connection. And I’m so glad it does.

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